Maria Ombashi

Workshop: Arts Education: experimentation and creativity for a joyful classroom

Email: maria_ombashi@windowslive.com

“I cannot be a teacher without exposing who I am”, Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

Teaching is a human act which leads both the teacher and the students to new learning paths while holding each other’s hands when questioning, researching, inventing and enjoying learning. My own love of learning later drove me to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary School Education from the University of Cyprus. I continued my studies in Sweden, where I pursued my Master Degree (MSc) in Outdoor and Environmental Education. I am also holding another Master Degree in Language Teaching (MA) from the University of Cyprus.

For the last six years I have been working as a Primary School Teacher in Limassol, Cyprus. I also work as an Arts Teacher in an after-school programme co-founded by the European Union, teaching to children between 6-12 years old. Since I have started working as a teacher, I became particularly interested in creating an enjoyable space where both students and teachers feel the joy of learning and I strongly believe that Arts Education can play a fundamental role in enhancing creativity and joy in the school curriculum.