Christopher Gutmann
An Introduction to Resilience

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An Introduction to Resilience 

Educators come into contact with a large number and a wide variety of students. Aside from a transfer of knowledge, teachers and support staff contribute to the development and psychological growth of young people. I would like to introduce the topic of resilience in the context of developmental psychology and present some workable takeaways for teachers and parents. 


After working in theatre for many years, I was given the opportunity to work with children with learning difficulties at Southfields Academy, London. I gained valuable insights into dyslexia, autism and ADHD conditions as well as setting up networks of support between teachers, parents and students. As tough as it was, this work affected me profoundly and paved my way to education. I’m currently a Native Speaker Teacher in Vienna at a comprehensive school for underprivileged children and work as a free-lance resilience trainer and executive functions coach. I support middle- and high-school students struggling with emotional control, self-regulation, prioritization and planning. Having received much support for my own difficulties in learning at school, I now aim to equip young people with the resources they need to experience success and to face the demands and challenges of life.