Lyndsey Marcu

“Spreading joy through service learning in our local community interactions”

Email: oneheartforeducation@gmail.com
Twitter: @oneheartforedu1
Instagram: oneheartforeducation

An opportunity to show how interacting with our local communities can help us develop joy in learning, through service-learning initiatives that promote cooperation, identity and reflection.

My name is Lyndsey Marcu and I have an MA International Education, Kings College London. Originally from N.Ireland, I have lived in central and eastern Europe for 18 years. I love teaching and the many aspects of learning, but my happiest moments are experienced when developing serving learning projects for younger learners. After working alongside many different organisations and charities in my spare time, I set up, “One Heart for Education,” as a way to support teachers and students from more disadvantaged areas; offering teacher training and summer camps to promote education for all and the pleasure found in learning.