Irini Ioannou
Finding your inner voice

Email: eriniioannou@gmail.com

Irini Ioannou is a Music Therapist from Cyprus based in Pafos city. Since 2014 she has been practicing music therapy in Centers of Mental Health and Special Schools (special education). Also, she has been working with mothers and their babies promoting bonding, communication and expression of feelings through music making. Being involved in seminars and Music Therapy workshops always gives her the opportunity to explore peoples’ needs and ideas,
Reflect, Recharge and do a Restart of who she is and does!

Workshop Details:
Do you feel that your voice has been hiding deep under your body? Do you feel like screaming out what is happening inside your body? Well, in this workshop we will not scream out loud, but we will use our voice and body to produce music and create a circle of communication. Body percussion and creative song writing are two techniques that will be used in this workshop and you are all invited to join.