Joel Josephson
‘A Flock of Jellybirds’

Email: joel@kindersite.info

Joel has initiated and partnered in over 30 large-scale EU projects stating with the Socrates programme. He spoke at a TEDx conference on the Creative Classroom and was the initiator of the PopuLLar project that won an EU Medea award. He has specialised in bringing the arts, music, technology and video in to a wide-range of subject areas and is particularly proud of the AuroSTEM project that is inspiring young children to get involved with STEM subjects.

3 facts about Joel, which is a lie?:

1. I have a Masters in philosophy
I had a restaurant in a disco
3. I had 3 Internet start-ups


A Flock of Jellybirds:

How ideas for student autonomy and group work, either spontaneous or envisioned, lead to positive educational outcomes because students are motivated and Enjoy their learning.

The presentation will look at how we have introduced autonomy and collaboration in a number of EU large-scale projects using the arts, music and video to teach a variety of subjects from STEM to languages. We will look at some past projects and their results and how these projects worked. 

Then we will make a Jellybird, an automata (moving toy), that is being used in the current AutoSTEM  Erasmus plus project,  by very young learners to gain an understanding of simple STEM concepts.