Laura Tuohilampi
‘Maths for Humans’

Dr Tuohilampi is a multi-award winning mathematics education researcher, a teacher trainer and the founder of Math Hunger and Maths for Humans. After publishing the Finnish version of the book entitled Math Hunger, she kick-started a global movement to make mathematics mainstream, or in other words – an enjoyable activity for all of us. At the moment, she works as a post-do researcher and teacher educator in the University of New South Wales, Sydney. You can find out more about her work in a recent podcast.


Workshop Details:

What’s wrong with the ways we motivate students to study maths (since we’re still failing with it)? In this workshop, functioning ways to catch and hold students’ interest are introduced. After the 15 minutes introduction, the audience will be given 2 mathematics activities that create productive engagement. The activities can be used with children and students on several stages.