Susan Shea
‘Euphonious You! Practical Pre-Literacy Experience’

Susan has worked as both a music facilitator and a Montessori guide in Europe and North America over the past twenty years. She believes in the ability of every child to change the world and loves to support parents, teachers and caregivers who want to support the natural and joyful evolution of the children in their communities. Children can teach us so much when we observe them closely and learn to identify their needs; Susan continues to learn from children and young people in Vienna, Austria, where she currently lives.

Workshop Details:

Something euphonious sounds beautiful and pleasant. Even the word itself sounds pretty when you say it! Did you know that children are highly attentive to spoken language, even before they are born? From infant hood and into early childhood, it is possible to provide a wonderful pre-literacy experience by simply communicating in a way that will attract the attention of the children in your care. In this workshop, Susan Shea gives an overview of a young child’s sensitivity to language and provides lots of suggestions on simple but effective ways in which you can promote vocabulary enhancement and phonemic awareness in the most engaging way imaginable! Come and explore how to cultivate strong listening skills, invigorate conversation, inspire creativity through nature and celebrate a child’s natural interest in learning. We will focus on nature’s classroom as a unique learning environment, and even engage in a little music-making!