Aliki Apostolidou
“Let’s play together: Applied sustainability in volunteering pedagogical programs”

Email: alikiapostolidoua@gmail.com

Experience with cognitive linguistics and semiotic analysis. Always looking for ways to be supportive, flexible and encourage my students to express their strengths and skills even under stressing and discomfort situations. Strongly motivated to pursue academic career in cognitive linguistics and neurosemiotics.

About the workshop:

Two of the most popular global volunteering programs are Guides and Scouts. They both share a pedagogical character and is a global, autonomous, independent. It is the “world’s biggest club” in 90 cities throughout Greece, 150 countries in the world and 10,000,000 members all over the world. Guiding is a meaningful game for children and young people (aged 5 to 17). The adult volunteers who take over the Leadership of small groups for young children, are specially trained, so that the Instructional Pedagogy can be applied Program, which gives children the opportunity to cultivate and develop complete personality to become responsible and active citizens and to contribute both to the society in which they live and to the global one community.

During the workshop, the basic principles of the pedagogical volunteer program will be presented and there will be interactive games between the participants based on Greek Guiding Association Program.