Our Story

So… What is EmJoy?


What is joy and why is it important in education?

the purpose of EmjoyTake a moment to think about what brings you joy in your own life.

Remember some of your most joyful moments and try to recognize what was it that made them so special. Was it the environment, the people involved or maybe the feeling of achieving something? Whatever that may be, it made that particular moment meaningful and important for you.

Teaching can and should be a joyful experience for the students and for the teachers.

Emjoy is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the exchange of ideas among teachers in different countries, to combine them and to inspire teachers to embrace joy in education, no matter where they are.

Empowering the community of teachers and their feeling of belonging will offer them the support and inspiration they so much need.  


… and how it all started?

The idea of EmjoyThe idea for EmJoy was born during the International Festival of Education, FIEdu in Romania, where Andrea and Dimitra were participants.

While listening to the many inspiring speakers, engaging in workshops and networking with other educators, they felt energised and were particularly driven by the message of joy that’s possible to bring into the classroom. They felt that it is within their power to spread that message and share great ideas, especially with other teachers just like them, who live and teach in another country where they may not have the same access to professional development as local teachers.

Working together with other key influencers in education, the co-founders of EmJoy aim to offer the chance to all educators and those involved in the field of education to come together and exchange ideas, collaborate and inspire each other to embrace joy in education, no matter where they teach.