Matina Kallivoka

Matina Kallivoka

BA in Informatics and Telecommunications – National Kapodistrian University of Athens
Development experience in Greece and France.
Life-learning enthusiast.

Learning is the non stopping ability of people to improve and develop. I don’t have school teaching experience but education is an indispensable part of my life.

I started working from a young age in a summer camp with young kids, where I understood how important the role of a tutor is in a kid’s life; how important is to give the children another perspective, different from the one of the family. Because, education is not only letters and technical knowledge, but it’s the virtue of behaving, caring and becoming part of a team, so that later on, as adults we could all be a positive part of our community.

Now, me, as an adult and being a web developer, I try to constantly learn and transfer this knowledge to my team and colleagues and through emJoy I want to show to people that education has no boundaries; it cannot and should not be contained in classrooms and schools;

EmJoy can teach us that education with joy will enable learning, which can be everywhere around us.